10 Fun and Useful Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses

10 Fun and Useful Gift Ideas for Travel Nurses
a female nurse wearing scrubs with hair in a messy bun

If you're reading this, chances are you have a friend or family member who's a travel nurse and you want to show them some love with a thoughtful present.

Well, you've come to the right place because today, we're diving into the wonderful world of gifts for travel nurses.

These adventurous souls spend most of their time on the road, caring for patients in various healthcare settings, and deserve all the appreciation they can get.

From practical items to help them in their daily work routine, to fun and unique gifts to make their downtime more enjoyable, we've got you covered. So, let's get started and find the perfect gift for your favorite travel nurse!

How I choose:

I know how busy your life is and that's why you ended up reading an article about what to give your travel nurse friend because you need something fast! I read hundreds and hundreds of online reviews to come up with the best gift guide for your special nurse. The winners were based on unique ability, customer satisfaction, amount of 5-star reviews, and price. It doesn't matter what the occasion is for your favorite nurse or what your budget is, there is a thoughtful gift waiting for you in this post. Happy Reading.

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Customized Water Bottle

Maars® Laser Engraved Personalized Nurse 20 or 22 oz Tumbler with lid and straw

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Why it’s on the list:

Healthcare professionals work long shifts and they need to put their health first so they can take care of their patients. Staying hydrated is one of the most important elements of good health, and having a water bottle is one of the best ways to make that happen. This water bottle is so cute, and with their name on it they won't need to be concerned that someone going to walk off with it.

It's Stainless Steel and  Double-Wall Insulated so it keeps drinks cold for hours, or will keep that morning coffee hot too, without compromising safety because it's BPA free and food safe.

add the special laser engraving and it's sure to be a favorite gift.

The Best Part: Get it customized with a laser-it's engraved so it won't rub off

From Reviews:


  • The quality is awesome
  • Engraved so it won’t come off
  • I use this every day and my ice lasts all-day


  • It’s beautiful but the lid arrived cracked
  • Great cup but the hole at the top is big so if it tips over the drink will spill
  • It came with a little chip at the top

Travel Backpack

LOVEVOOK Laptop Backpack

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Why it’s on the list:

The travel nurse is on the go changing locations every few months, so they'll need a sturdy and safe way to transport a laptop, phone, charger, and the rest of their personal belongings on the plane, and to and from the hospital.

This Backpack features an. anti-theft mechanism and a USB charging port which makes it a practical gift they will appreciate.

With extra pockets and a padded compartment, it's the perfect choice to keep everything protected while on the go.

The Best Part: It comes in 23 different color options

From Reviews:


  • I like this so much that I immediately went to their store to buy accessories
  • The wide shoulder pads make it really comfortable
  • It has room for everything and I love the wide opening


  • The quality wasn’t as good as I expected
  • I liked everything but the zipper so I returned it
  • It was missing the USB port

Compression Socks

Bluemaple 6 Pack Copper Compression Socks for Women and Men

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Why it’s on the list:

Nurses work 12-hour shifts and are mostly on their feet. Wearing compression socks gives their legs support, which will help with fatigue, soreness, and swelling.

These Copper Compression Socks pull the electricity from your body to relieve your pain and allow you to heal. They keep your feet and legs fresh throughout the day by providing a mild squeezing action to support enhanced increased circulation.

And they're breathable, can be worn every day, and come in a pack of 6!

The Best Part: It’s a great price for a 6 pack, with cute designs.

From Reviews:


  • These are comfortable and work well and help with my blood circulation
  • I’m on my feet a lot at work and have pain, after wearing these I come home without pain
  • These are the best compression socks I’ve tried so far


  • These felt great and worked well but my feet started smelling of sweat
  • There's a lot of extra thread on the inside so not good for varicose veins
  • I love these socks and they helped but the top is too tight

Foot Massager

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

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Why it’s on the list:

The theme is consistent in this gift guide: nurses work long hours, and a lot of it is labor-intensive, which causes a lot of wear and tear on their sweet feet.

You could be their hero by treating them to one of the best gifts on the list!

Imagine how amazing they'll feel to go home, get comfortable, and have a spa day waiting just for their sore feet!

It's easy to use, and the technique of deep kneading Shiatsu helps improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, stimulate muscle recovery, and soothe foot pain.

Their legs will get spoiled too, because it can also massage calves!

The Best Part: over 10000 5 star reviews on Amazon

From Reviews:


  • I’m a nurse and this has become part of my bedtime routine
  • Well worth the money blows away the cheaper models
  • I’m a massage therapist and I love the pressure this has


  • No remote control with the model I purchased- be careful to get the right one if this is important
  • It’s fantastic for feet but not as good for calves
  • The heating didn’t work well

Lunch Bag

Lifewit Large Lunch Bag Insulated Lunch Box Soft Cooler Cooling Tote for Adult Men Women, Grey 12-Can

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Why it’s on the list:

Nurses need to eat too!

Many hospitals don't allow eating at the nurse's station or on the floor, but they can pack all their snacks, and goodies and at least know that it will stay cold(or hot) all day.

This bag is an ideal gift for travel nurses particularly because they might be taking a lot of long road trips getting to their new location and this bag acts like a mini cooler.

It's also leak-proof and made with food-grade PEVA foil so food will be safe to go directly in the bag. There's even an extra few pockets to hold keys or earbuds.

The Best Part: It’s leakproof-even when filled with water and ice

From Reviews:


  • I’ve had this for a year and use it for work, also pack it with 7 water bottles of water when I play tennis in the heat, and keeps it cold
  • It’s great for different-sized containers and multiple drinks
  • The material is great and it doesn’t leak


  • It came with a missing shoulder strap
  • The bottom pocket had a hole
  • It’s a great bag but might be too large for an office fridge

BlueLight Therapy Lamp

Light Therapy Lamp, SMY Blue Light Energy Lamp, and Adjustable LED Blue Light, Tablet One Touch with Timer, 100% UV Free

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Why it’s on the list:

A lot of nurses work the night shift and their body doesn't regulate naturally for optimal sleep, and blue light helps with the body's sleep and wake cycles.

This light is portable, modern, and can fit on a nightstand or a desk. It's also the perfect size for travel to pack in the bag and take to all the new adventures.

The Best Part: the automatic shut-off timer

From Reviews:


  • It’s easy to travel with about the size of an iPad
  • I’m not really sure how it works but I get a slight feeling of euphoria and energy a few minutes after using it
  • We have long winters and I use this every morning and it lightens my mood


  • It’s a good light but the USB port is awkward and hard to stay plugged in
  • I wish it could be used without being plugged in
  • It didn’t work for my depression


Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform Women and Man Scrubs Set Medical Scrubs Top and Pants

Check Price on Amazon

Why it’s on the list:

Scrubs are the unofficial uniform of medical professionals (maybe official?)

I chose these particular scrubs for the list, based on their value. great price, they come in a variety of sizes and different colors, they're unisex, and they have my favorite feature of clothing: pockets.

The Best Part: A great price for the whole set

From Reviews:


  • These are so cute
  • Pockets are useful, they are quick drying and colors are great
  • For the price they are great


  • Pants ride low in the back so beware of plumbers' butt
  • I wish you could buy the top and bottom as separately because of the sizing
  • The pants are baggy
Please note: be mindful and read the reviews on sizing. This seems to be one of the biggest complaints. 

Stethoscope Case

BOVKE Stethoscope Case for 3M Littmann Classic III, Lightweight II S.E, MDF Acoustica Deluxe Stethoscopes

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Why it’s on the list:

Travel nurses need a protective place for their stethoscope and other small items, which doesn't involve plopping them free to roam in their backpacks.

This handy case is good for daily use, and traveling, comes in a variety of colors, is decorated with a fun design, and would be the perfect way to show the nurse in your life, you're thinking of them.

The Best Part: 9 Different color options

From Reviews:


  • Protects my scope in my backpack
  • It has room for other necessary items, pen, light, bandages
  • Got it for my mom and even after a year it still looks new and she loves it


  • It doesn’t fit my stethoscope
  • The design on the front came smudged
  • It has a few dents

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 8 [GPS + Cellular 41mm] Smart Watch w/Starlight Aluminum Case with Starlight Sport Band

Check Price on Amazon

Why it’s on the list:

Travel nurses might not have a ready-made support group to count on, and the new safety features can get them to help emergency help if needed.  

This series has cellular capability which is handy for a busy nurse who can't be looking at their phone.

And of course, at the end of the 12-hour shift, a great thing to do is see how many miles they've walked.

This happens to be the most expensive item on the list, making it a great holiday gift. You might even score a Black Friday deal!

The Best Part: Crash and fall detection provides urgent assistance press of a button

From Reviews:


  • Great for women and health tracking
  • I love how the face of the watch is larger than the 6 version
  • I love the cellular option so I don’t have to have my phone with me


  • I hate it- I had a series 4 and I liked it better
  • Pricey for what I actually need it for
  • It doesn’t come with a charger

Travel Blanket

BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket Pillow Airplane Flight Blanket throw in Soft Bag Pillowcase

Check Price on Amazon

Why it's on the list:

This durable and luxurious micro-plush blanket is perfect for the plane or after a long shift to snuggle up on the couch. Plus, as a travel nurse, it's nice to have your own special "blanky" with you at each new place.

It comes in a nice variety of colors, and is made from micro plush material for coziness, but won't shed!

The best part: It comes with a carabiner so they can attach it to her backpack or luggage

From Reviews:


  • It’s super easy to fold back into the zippered cover
  • Family business and customer service are outstanding
  • This was the best money spent on the 10-day cross-country trip


  • The cover isn't attached to the blanket so it can get lost
  • Thought it was a blanket and a pillow and was disappointed it was one or the other

Resort Pass

Why it’s on the list:

This made the list because a travel nurse deserves to spend some days relaxing by a pool or beach, and what better place than a beautiful resort?

Treat your favorite hard-working nurse to a gift of relaxation and get them a gift card to Resort Pass.

There's 250 cities, 35 states, and 900 hotels to choose from, so chances are- they will find a good one!

The Best Part: The whole concept is great to have a day in a resort

Please note: the reviews are for the individual resorts and not the company so I didn't include them. But, most of them talked about cabanas, pools, beaches, and yummy drinks. 😃🌞⛱️

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a travel nurse?

A travel nurse is a registered nurse who works on a temporary basis in healthcare facilities across different locations. They travel from one assignment to another, often for weeks or months at a time, and are employed by staffing agencies that specialize in temporary placements.

What are some typical assignments for travel nurses?

Travel nurses can work in a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and even in patients' homes. Assignments can range from short-term needs such as covering staff shortages to long-term contracts that last for several months.

What makes gift-giving for travel nurses unique?

Travel nurses are constantly on the move and have limited space for personal items. Therefore, practical and portable gifts are highly appreciated. Gifts that can help them in their work, enhance their travel experiences, or provide a sense of comfort and relaxation during their downtime are all great options.

How do I know if a gift is appropriate for a travel nurse?

When choosing a gift for a travel nurse, consider their lifestyle and the nature of their work. Think about practical items that can make their work easier, as well as gifts that can help them relax and enjoy their downtime. Avoid heavy or bulky gifts that are difficult to transport.

What are some of the challenges of working long shifts?

Long nurse shifts can be physically and mentally exhausting. Nurses often work 12-hour shifts or longer, which can lead to fatigue, burnout, and physical strain. They must also remain alert and attentive to their patient's needs, which requires a great deal of focus and concentration.

What are some common struggles that nurses face in their daily work?

Nurses face a variety of challenges in their work, including staffing shortages, high patient loads, and dealing with difficult or combative patients. They must also adhere to strict protocols and procedures to ensure patient safety and avoid medical errors.

Final Thoughts

Travel nurses play an important role in healthcare and often face unique challenges due to their mobile lifestyle. However, by giving them practical and thoughtful gifts, we can show our appreciation for their hard work and dedication to their patients. From practical items to self-care items for their downtime or a day at the resort pool!

I hope you found this helpful and that you found the perfect idea on this list! Thanks for reading and

Happy Shopping!