The 5 best travel gifts for her that she will love

If you're looking for a gift for a woman in your life who travels a lot, this post has 5 choices that she will love. Curated by reading hundreds and hundreds of online reviews.

Best Travel Gifts for her
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If you're looking for the perfect gift for the traveler in your life, look no further. Whether she's your best friend,  wife, mother, daughter, (or even yourself), we've got the 5 best travel gifts for the frequent traveler in your life, that will make her feel special and appreciated.

She'll love these unique and thoughtful gifts, which will give her all the travel inspiration she needs to plan her next trip.

Check out our list of unique gift ideas,  and pick out the perfect present today!

How we choose:

We read thousands of online reviews and curated our list of gifts for women because we know shopping for the perfect gift for your world traveler can be hard. There are so many things to consider!

You want to get her something she will love, but you don't want to spend a fortune. And what if she already has everything?

We have the perfect solution for you- our top 5 picks for the best gifts for her!

These gifts are sure to please any traveler and they all come in at under $50.

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BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

Travel Blanket

Or pillow!

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Why it's on the list:

This durable and luxurious micro-plush blanket is perfect for long flights while she's sipping her favorite drink, in her cold hotel room, or even for a nap on the go.

It can be easily folded back up into its bag and turned into a comfy pillow if it's not chilly, and it comes in a nice variety of colors, made from micro plush material for coziness, but no shedding!

Even if she's not currently enjoying one of her bucket list destinations, and is lounging on the couch watching her favorite movie at home, this blanket is big enough to keep her warm and snuggly.

The best part:

It comes with a carabiner so she can attach it to her backpack or luggage

From Reviews:


  • It’s super easy to fold back into the zippered cover
  • Family business and customer service are outstanding
  • This was the best money spent for 10-day cross-country trip


  • The cover isn't attached to the blanket so it can get lost
  • Thought it was a blanket and a pillow and was disappointed it was one or the other

2. CAMTOP Women Ladies Travel Bag Canvas Weekend Bag:

Travel Bag 

Perfect for the plane

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Why it's on the list:

This is the best bag for women that we found, for so many reasons.

The canvas construction ensures strength while lending an extra dose of versatility when it comes to patterns and colors – with all of these options, you’re guaranteed to find one that expresses her true style!

We love pockets (who doesn't?) and this bag features several pockets and compartments, making sure she has enough space to pack all the must-have items she needs for her travels.

Plus, it expands and extends into the perfect size as needed — handy for fitting underneath airplane seats!

It also comes with a separate compartment for shoes, which means no more stuffing dirty shoes in the bag.

The best part:

It has a spot to slide the bag on a handle of a roller suitcase. to bring on the plane.

From Reviews:


  • It's durable and as beautiful as pictured
  • Great for a weekend trip
  • Fully packed it still fit under the seat on the plane
  • The shoe compartment on the bottom is a nice bonus


  • The material seems thin
  • It arrived wrinkled
  • The gray color ordered looks brown

Leather Travel Journal:

Leather Travel Journal

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Why it's on the list:

She'll love writing down her travel stories in this thoughtful gift.

For wandering souls with stories to tell, the leather travel journal is a must-have companion for her journey!

Not only is it the perfect size to tuck away into a small bag for portability, but this luxurious journal is gorgeous.

The leather cover is not only beautiful but has that divine aroma only genuine leather can provide.

She will enjoy reading her travel memories for years to come which makes this journal such a great gift idea.

The best part:

It's refillable. Yup-you can purchase refills here

Journal Refills

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Pro Tip:

Gift the journal with a lovely pen and make it a set. Here's one we found that is sure to make to wow.

Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen Writing Set

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From Reviews:


  • Bought this as a gift and loved it so much kept it for me
  • The Tree of Life Cover is gorgeous
  • Came with a personal note from the seller
  • The paper is thick, smooth, and easy to write on


  • The paper is glued to the spine not stitched
  • Doesn't lay flat
  • Hard to close with the strap

Etekcity Luggage Scale

Portable Luggage Scale

Don't pay for extra weight ever again

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Why it's on the list:

Chances are she has encountered times when she packed too much, or bought one too many items while traveling and had to pay hefty fees.

This is such a handy and practical gift but comes in a variety of colors so you can find a style to match her look. or luggage.

It's small and ultra-convenient and is perfect for on-the-go travelers or for those who just like to be prepared.

This great gift is lightweight enough to pack inside any suitcase and small enough to fit in your pocket.

It has a high capacity of up to 110 lbs - that's more than most airline allowances! Not to mention, it also measures temperature variations so that you know if your items have gone through extreme temperatures while traveling.

The best part:

She can take it everywhere and weigh produce at the grocery store or even packages to save time at the post office.

From Reviews:


  • Easy to use
  • Must have for frequent travelers
  • So lightweight and easy to carry


  • Battery came low
  • The display is hard to read in the dark

Pro Tip:

Grab some extra batteries for the gift so she is prepared on the return flight.

Lithium Batteries for Luggage Scale

Be prepared for the return flight with fresh batteries

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5. LED Foldable Travel Makeup Mirror

Travel Makeup Mirror

LED Foldable, get ready in the dark

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Why it's on the list:

Travel mirrors make great gifts for any frequent traveler. They're lightweight and easy to pack, plus the mirror has magnifying capabilities, so she can apply her makeup or touch up her hair in the plane bathroom.

This ultra-convenient and slim device is perfect for taking wherever her travels may take her - fitting perfectly in any overnight bag.

She can get ready in the dark if she's not wanting to disturb her companions.

It has highly sensitive touch buttons that are long-lasting, so she can quickly switch it on and adjust the brightness, and it's rechargeable!

This mirror even has a detachable 10x magnifier with suction cups to stick right on for up close and personal touches.

There's no need for assistance from pockets or purses to prop it up because it stands itself up!

The best part:

It comes with a beautiful velvet carrying case for extra protection in her bag.

Pro tip: For even more protection have her hang on to the included bubble wrap

From Reviews:


  • Great for home or traveling
  • Nice and bright which is perfect for dark hotel bathroom lighting
  • The quality of the light is excellent
  • Large enough to see my whole face


  • The magnifying mirror feels less than 10x
  • The battery doesn't last longer than 30 minutes
  • The suction cup didn't stick

FAQ about Travel Products

Traveling can be confusing, especially when it comes to what you're allowed to bring on a plane, which means you don't want to give a gift to someone that is not going to get used because it's restricted.

Every time travel restrictions change, it's hard to keep up with what you're allowed to do and what you're not allowed to do. You don't want to risk them getting fined or having their items taken away by airport security.

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about travel products so that you can be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Are there weight restrictions for bags you bring on the plane?

There are no weight restrictions for carry-on luggage, but there are size restrictions.

The bag must be able to fit in the overhead bin (wheels out) or under the seat in front of you.

You can find a list of the measurements and corresponding allowable weights on the airline's website, but most commonly to about 22″ x 14″ x 9″ (55 x 35 x 22cm)

Some airlines might also have a weight limit for checked luggage, so it's important to check with your airline before you pack.

How much can a checked bag weigh?

Most airlines have a weight limit of 50 pounds for a checked bag. Heavier bags may be subject to an overweight fee.

It's always a good idea to weigh the bag before arriving at the airport to save time and possible embarrassment when trying to remove items at the check-in counter.

Does a blanket count as a personal item?

You can pack a blanket in your bag, or checked luggage, or if it doesn’t fit (as of this writing)you can carry it under your arm and it doesn’t count toward your personal item.

Are Airlines still giving out blankets and pillows?

Don't count on it unless you are traveling internationally. Planes can be very cold and it was a nice service to have a blanket handed out.

Some international flights will give blankets to all cabins but may restrict it to business and first class only.

Pro Tip: Bring your own blanket that you can wash after your flight.

Can you carry extra lithium batteries on the plane?

From TSA website:

Spare (uninstalled) lithium ion and lithium metal batteries, including power banks and cell phone battery charging cases, must be carried in carry-on baggage only. Lithium metal (non-rechargeable) batteries are limited to 2 grams of lithium per battery. Lithium-ion (rechargeable) batteries are limited to a rating of 100-watt hours (Wh) per battery. These limits allow for nearly all types of lithium batteries used by the average person in their electronic devices. This instruction covers spare lithium metal and spare rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for personal electronics such as cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, watches, calculators, etc. This instruction also includes external battery chargers (portable rechargers and power banks) containing a lithium-ion battery. For more information, see the FAA regulations on batteries.

Can you charge electronic devices on the plane?

It depends on the aircraft.

Many newer planes have USB ports built into the seats that allow passengers to charge their devices, but only in business or first-class cabins.

To check up-to-date aircraft specifics go to Googleflights and find your flight and look for the details section for in-seat power outlets.

Pro tip: Keep in mind just because your flight is equipped with power outlets, don't be surprised if they are not in working order. Still best to bring a portable charger.

How to decide which travel gift to get?

Traveling can be such a special and amazing experience, so finding the perfect gift for your traveler friend can be a fun way to ensure they have an even better time on their next trip.

With our list of the 5 best gift ideas, you're sure to find a unique and thoughtful travel gift that will make her feel appreciated.

And these gifts won't break the bank, so you can get her something she'll love without spending a fortune.

Thanks for visiting we hope you found this guide helpful and that you're excited to check out the prices on Amazon.

Happy shopping!