The Best Bat Mitzvah Gifts for every type of teenager

When it comes to getting the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, there are many options out there. From books to jewelry, the possibilities are endless. To make your decision easier, we've curated some of the best-reviewed and unique items, so you can feel confident in your choice.

The Best Bat Mitzvah Gifts for every type of teenager
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What are appropriate bat mitzvah gifts for girls?

How we choose:

Finding the perfect gift for a bat mitzvah can be a daunting task.

That's why we put together an extensive selection of top-rated bat mitzvah gift ideas based on our expertise and thousands of online reviews!

Knowing what to bring for a special occasion like a bat mitzvah can be intimidating.

We've gone to great lengths to curate only the best presents, ensuring your bat mitzvah girl will feel extra loved & celebrated.

Purchase a gift from our selection today!

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Money Holder

Money Card for Bat Mitzvah Cash Gifts

The perfect way to decorate the favorite gift of money

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Why it’s on the list:

Money is one of the best bat mitzvah gifts for any bat mitzvah!

Particularly popular amongst grandparents, and other family members, a check or cash is the perfect gift for any money-savvy kid.

With that in mind for some added flair, why not pop that cash into an original and stylish money holder - they'll be sure to remember you for your generosity.

In case you're wondering if the recipient is going to immediately run to the mall, the money is typically going into the bank for the future- travel, a car, college, or just as a nice financial start to adulthood, and leaving a portion to be donated to a charity.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Clothes, games, shoes, books, let her choose!

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Why it’s on the list:

Gift cards are the next best thing to money!

If you feel too weird or awkward giving cash, how about an Amazon gift card so the bat mitzvah girl can pick out whatever she wants?

Teens can find a world of possibilities at Amazon, from the latest video games to beauty products and craft supplies. Not only that - style-savvy fashionistas will love perusing their selection of trendy clothes and shoes!

Plus it’s nice because a lot of parents make the kids put most of their bat mitzvah money in savings, but the gift cards are to use now for fun!

From Reviews:


  • Amazon has everything they could want
  • Can add whatever amount of money you want
  • Comes in a cute little generic envelope so perfect for anyone
  • Who doesn't love an Amazon Gift Card?


  • Ordered multiple cards and they came in one box without being labeled

Shabbat Travel Candles

Shabbat Candles Set

Don't miss out on lighting the candles on Friday Night just because you're traveling

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Why it’s on the list:

Observing Shabbat is an important part of Jewish tradition, however, it can be a challenge when traveling.

For this reason, it’s especially meaningful for teens to receive gifts for their travels related to Shabbat observance.

A Shabbat candlestick set can be just the thing to make their Shabbat observance easier and special – no matter where they are.

And this set is gorgeous, with beautiful nickel-plated embellished with detailed engraving.

This bat mitzvah gift will show that you are mindful of her traditions and she will appreciate your consideration so she can feel connected to her faith even when far away from home.

From Reviews:


  • Small and portable
  • Fits different-sized candles
  • Beautiful


  • Came a bit damaged.
  • The magnet came unglued.

Friendship Bracelet

Judaica Friendship Bracelet

Bohemian vibe 

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Why it’s on the list:

What says a teenage girl better than a friendship bracelet? Granted, their best friends won't have matching ones, but, this one is special because of its Star of David and Bohemian vibe.

The bracelet is handwoven with hues of blue, gold, white, green, and pink, and it's made by a small business.

With its unique Bohemian style, the friendship bracelet is trendy and a perfect way to remind your friend of their bat mitzvah for many years to come!

From Reviews:


  • Beautiful colors
  • The Bat Mitzvah girl loved it
  • It was such a hit my daughter wanted one too


  • A little smaller than expected
  • It faded

Jewish Star Necklace

Tree of Life Necklace

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Why it’s on the list:

It's a classic bat mitzvah gift.

This beautiful necklace has the tree of life design which is a symbol for positive energy, growth, strength, rebirth, and a bright future. making it a timeless bat mitzvah gift idea.

Crafted from durable 925 sterling silver, the tree of life inlaid with abalone shell gives off a mysterious yet elegant charm.

It's tarnish resistant, nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium-free so it’s especially suitable for sensitive skin and can be worn all day.

And it's all ready for the bat mitzvah celebration because the necklace comes packaged in an elegant gift box.

Pro Tip:

If you don't know if she likes gold or silver, do a quick check-in with her or someone who would know.

From Reviews:


  • My 15-year-old granddaughter loved it
  • Looks more expensive than it was
  • Gorgeous detail
  • Soft and comfortable to wear


  • Small clasp makes it difficult to put on
  • The chain is shorter than expected
  • After a while, the backing came off


Rams Horn Shofar

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Why it’s on the list;

The Shofar is a uniquely beautiful and meaningful item that has been used since biblical times.

We have given many shofars as bar and bat mitzvah gifts over the years and they have always been loved!

This genuine rams' horn Shofar is made using traditional techniques, combined with modern production methods, to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

What's more, it's Kosher certified and imported from Israel.

It's handmade and also has a smooth interior which makes it easy to blow with loud tones and clear sounds.

In addition, each one is odor-free and completely clean after many rounds of sterilization in the factory.

Plus, it includes a free velvet drawstring bag for protection, as well as a shofar-blowing guide with instructions on how to properly care for it so you can guarantee years of use!

From Reviews:


  • Able to get a good sound out of it
  • Gorgeous
  • The velvet bag is well made
  • The mouthpiece is smooth


  • Not odorless
  • Smaller than expected
  • Doesn't come with a stand
  • Hard to make a sound at first

Pro Tip:

Purchase a stand and make it a set, so it can be displayed in their room!

Shofar Stand

Shofar Stand

Display your shofar when not blowing it

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Hamsa Necklace

Hamsa Necklace

Check Price on Amazon

Why it’s on the list:

I’m not sure when Hamsa’s became mainstream, but it’s fair to say that it’s a very popular symbol, believed to ward off evil and bring good luck, health, and protection. which makes it the perfect piece of jewelry for any Jewish girl.

The adjustable dainty pendant features a beautiful hamsa, and is crafted with high-quality eco-friendly brass with silver plating, so this necklace will last for years without tarnish or harm to your skin.

This perfect bat mitzvah gift comes packaged in a delicate jewelry box and comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

From Reviews:


  • Beautiful get compliments all the time
  • Good quality
  • Bought as a gift and wanted to keep it


  • Tiny
  • Can't remove the pendant from the chain
  • The chain is too short

Wooden Keepsake box

Wooden Keepsake Box

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Why it’s on the list:

Every girl will appreciate and cherish having a beautiful box to store her jewelry and treasures in, especially all of her new bat mitzvah gifts.

Though it's not Judaica, this luxurious and exquisite Wooden Keepsake Box.  is 100% handmade to showcase impeccable craftsmanship.

It features intricate sea shells inlaid with mother of pearl, which will look stunning in her room.

Bonus: This keepsake box comes with a complimentary blank gift card in a unique gift box so there’s no need to repack.

From Reviews:


  • It's gorgeous and the pictures don't do it justice
  • It's stunning
  • Well made and truly a bargain


  • Smaller than it looks in picture
  • Very lightweight feels cheap
  • Hinges were on crooked

Don't forget the greeting Card!

Bat Mitzvah Card

Don't forget to grab this for your gift!

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Why it’s on the list:

If you have decided to give a bat mitzvah gift (that isn't money,) you will need a greeting card to have with your gift.

Most likely you will be placing it on a gift table filled with many other gifts, and you don't want your gift to be lost in the shuffle and be anonymous.

Also, if you don’t live somewhere with a large Jewish population,  you will have a difficult time finding a Bat Mitzvah card.

If you do get lucky and find one, it’s probably going to be the same one everyone else in your town will buy!

From Reviews:


  • Top Quality
  • Perfect Sentiment
  • Great quality card stock and vibrant colors


  • Came bent

FAQ about bat mitzvahs

What is a bat mitzvah service?

A bat mitzvah is a coming-of-age ceremony for Jewish girls.

The event is usually held when the girl turns 12 or 13. As part of the celebration, the bat mitzvah girl reads from the Torah, a Jewish holy book written in Hebrew, and the part she reads is called her Torah portion.

A lot of times, there is a fun party for family and friends. including food, music, and dancing.

What is the difference between a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah?

The difference between a bat mitzvah and a bar mitzvah is that bat mitzvahs are for girls and bar mitzvahs are for boys.

Traditionally, bat mitzvahs were not as common as bar mitzvahs because girls did not have the same religious responsibilities as boys.

A bat mitzvah is similar to a bar mitzvah in that it celebrates a child's coming of age and signifies their entrance into the adult Jewish community.

However, in recent years, there has been an increasing number of bat mitzvahs celebrated around the world.

Do you have to give a bat mitzvah gift?

It is traditional to bring a gift to a bat mitzvah. If you are invited and not able to attend, it is still a lovely gesture to send a gift, money, or a gift card.

What are the best bat mitzvah gifts?

Money, gift cards, Judaica, Jewish jewelry, Jewish cookbooks, or even an experience to do something they enjoy. Sometimes the bat mitzvah girl will request donations for her favorite charity, instead of a gift.

How much money do you give for a bat mitzvah? 2023

Traditionally, the money amount is in increments of 18.

In Judaism, the number 18 symbolizes “chai,” Hebrew for “life.” Giving an amount that’s a multiple of 18 is a way of expressing a long and happy life to the bat mitzvah girl.

If you are attending as a peer depending on your budget $36 is an acceptable amount for a bat mitzvah gift.

What do you write on a bat mitzvah card?

On this special occasion, show them that you're incredibly proud of their achievement, by

writing them a heartfelt message – express your admiration for all that they've accomplished.

If you aren't that close to the bat mitzvah girl, the traditional phrase "Mazel Tov" would be a perfect sentiment, or if you feel silly saying that, you can just say Congratulations!

Do I bring the gift to the synagogue or to the party?

It is customary to bring bat mitzvah gifts to the party where there will most likely be a gift table when you walk in.

What is a shofar?

The Shofar, an ancient ram's-horn trumpet used by Jewish people in religious ceremonies and as a battle signal, has been sounded for thousands of years on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

During the month leading up to this holy day it is blown every day except Shabbat.

Different sizes are available but all share one feature: they have a curved shape that allows them to be played like trumpets with four distinct sounds - tekiah, shevarim , teruah ,and tekiah gedolah that many associate with "crying out" or wailing.

The traditional blowing of the shofar serves not only as part of certain rituals around these annual holidays; its sound also encourages listeners to pause and realize their sins over the past year so true repentance can occur ahead before time runs out!

What is a hamsa?

The Hamsa is a unique symbol of protection originating from North Africa and the Middle East.

It's often seen as an amulet in the form of a palm, which carries deep symbolic meaning for those who practice Judaism or follow Jewish traditions.

Five fingers on each hand make up this sign; five being not only very important in Judaism but also representing safety against evil forces, which makes the symbol perfect for a piece of jewelry to be worn.

You're ready to shop!

So there you have it, our comprehensive guide to the best gifts for a bat mitzvah for every type of teenager out there.

We hope this was helpful and that you found some great bat mitzvah gift ideas.

Happy shopping!


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